-“This is Chuck Lucas, I’m the CEO and President of Aria.”

-“Charity Kerschner, I do the Aria cards.”

-“Tiffany Schultz, Director of Client Services.”

-“Catherine Winge, one of the owners and Executive Vice President.”

-“Lisa McLouden, Vice President of Human Resources.”

-“Andy Ahmann, I’m the Vice President of Marketing for our business to business side.”

-“Brooke Barolso, and I’m a sales associate here at Aria.”

-“Lori Gold, Senior Supervisor of the day shift.”

-“Terri Schomer, Director of Operations.”

-“Chelsea Ringle, and I am the Senior Supervisor for the Fundraising Department.”

-CHUCK: “I’ve been with Aria since 1989.”


-BROOKE: “I’ve been here a little over two years.”

-LISA: “I will have been here 20 years.”

-ANDY: “24 years.”

-TERRI: “I am one of the newest members here, and I have been here about six weeks. But, I do come with probably 20 years of call center background and experience. “

-LORI: “Almost 10 years.”

-CHELSEA: “I have been with Aria for just about 7 years.”

-ANDY: “There’s a lot of us at Aria that have stuck with different things. I always said if I ever feel any burn out or a change of that, I wouldn’t want to be here anymore, and I haven’t felt that.”

Andy Ahmann

Vice President – Marketing and Sales – Business to Business

Tom Appel

IT Programmer

Duane Corrigan

Campaign Data Analyst – Information Services & Technology

Summer Edin

Assistant – Client Services

Emily Erickson

Vice President – Client Services

Amber Reinert

Manager – Human Resources

Chuck Lucas

Chief Executive Officer and President

Sarah Appel

AriaCards Manager

Lisa McLouden

Vice President – Human Resources

Darell Nelson

Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Tiffany Schultz

Director – Client Services

Doug Scott


Anthony Segale

Chair of the Board

Catherine Winge

Principal & Executive Vice President – Marketing and Sales, CFRE

Peter Wallace

Vice President – Marketing and Sales

Camille Zumwalde

Vice President – Compliance

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